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We'd LOVE to come play in your living room…or patio or even a secret location in your town/City!

It's EASY!!

House concerts are typically 35-60 people attending with a suggested donation of $20 apiece. However, even a smaller, intimate show with as little as 18-20 people is just fabulous!

 All you have to do is move the furniture and dim the lights, put some snacks out or even have a potluck with your guest bringing BYOB, lawn chairs/blankets etc. (there are several ways to HOST US IN YOUR HOME that are of little to NO COST to YOU!)

There are a few other easy details but its basically as simple as that. 

If you'd like us to come as a Band, A Trio or even a Duo to YOUR HOME, Please fill out the form and we will make this HAPPEN!

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